Khushnood Akhtar Lashari & Sarod Sultan Lashari

Winning Reply

"1. The "cherished moment"
The moment that has stayed in our memory is that Raj had promised that when the Sheriff would come to evict the tenant from our rented property he would be present there with us. On the appointed day, Raj was suffering from excruciating kidney pain, but he kept his promise and was there to help us oversee the vacation of our property.
His professionalism, and devotion to work even at personal pain, and discomfort is the most cherished moment for us.
Preeti and raj stand out in the industry for their hard work, honesty, and loyalty to their clients.
Preeti never fails to respond even when she's extremely occupied. She is an exceptional human also, and always cheerful.
2. What Thanksgiving Mean

Thanksgiving to us means being grateful for the fortune that the Almighty has bestowed us, and sharing it with our family, friends, and those around us who may not be as fortunate."