Decluttering & Reorganizing 101

Tuesday Aug 09th, 2022



Decluttering and Reorganizing your space when the seasons change is a good way to keep on top of editing your belongings.


It helps prioritize what you need and use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. From Christmas decor to Easter baskets and seasonal frilly pillows, setting aside time and scheduling it in your calendar is a great way to start off decluttering and reorganizing those dreaded areas in your household that you've been avoiding.



How much time will this take?

And what do you consider as essential?


Of course, you'll catch yourself asking these questions aloud while considering the importance of what you are sorting through. In the event you find difficulty differentiating what to keep and what to scrap as you progress further into your decluttering journey, Home Vision has compiled 3, yes-only 3 fool proof steps to keep in mind and then put into motion, during your deep clean.   


01 Allocate Time

A good rule of thumb is to start off with an area that you can comfortably manage within the set time frame. Dedicating time allowance to whichever space you choose is critical. It is better to have extra time allotted for organizing and editing clutter than having time run out! Also, not everything has to be completed in one day or evening. Set aside certain time periods throughout the week, specifying a certain a day and be committed to tackling your clutter. When you find yourself feeling less committed than other days, be determined with your to-do list and check off one box. No matter how big the clutter, this feeling of self accomplishment will motivate you to progress onwards.   


02 Create Zones

If the space or area you are tackling is large, begin with organizing a drawer or two and work your way from one area of the room to the next. This will ensure you have a method set in place while working on smaller areas to complete a large room. Additionally, it's natural to take a break. If you find yourself running out of gas and needing to take a breather from the task at hand, be sure to do so!


03 Sell - Donate - Toss

This may be a tough one but learn to let go! Be aggressive with your decluttering habits and ask yourself these questions if you find you are unable to decide. If you came across this item in a store, would you buy it today? Does it add value to your life? When was the last time you've used this item? If the answer is "no", discard the item into 1 of 3 bins, Sell, Donate or Toss. Keep at a steady pace and try not to rush the process. It's always a fun and sentimental time to pause and reflect on items that carry great memories of a younger past time. Take this opportunity to allow yourself to embrace the old in order to depart with it. Makes for an easier transition into a clutter-free environment.

If you're merely looking for some motivation to finish up and tidy that last area in your home or are looking to connect and find inspiration from those who share similar interests, it's always a great idea to follow these social Rock Stars. Rewatching their mini videos and reels is oh, so satisfying!