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Be Inquisitive!

Tuesday Nov 01st, 2022


Asking the right questions when selling your home

You maybe a young professional making the leap from city condo living to a house in the suburbs. Or maybe your family is expanding and now your priorities have changed?


(Q): What does the selling process look like? 

(A): A reliable realtor won't hesitate to confidently walk you through process.

(i): First, the initial conversation or meeting takes place. This will be more of an interview for both parties. This will position your realtor to understand your goals and to provide adequate resources.

(ii): Secondly, the house walk through. Seeing that the initial meeting was a success, having your potential realtor assess your property comes next.


This is the ideal situation where you can gage the relationship and work ethic of your potential realtor.

  • Do they assess the interior and exterior of your home with options for upgrades?
  • Do they make positive suggestions?
  • Do they offer services for repairs?



(Q): Are you familiar with the area? 

(A): This will give you insight to whether your realtor has sold comparables within the same neighborhood.

(i): Having a realtor that is familiar with your community provides leverage when identifying who your potential buyer maybe. 


(Q): What strategies will you put in place to market my property? 

(A): A realtor that provides a solid plan of action to sell your house, indicates their ability to prioritize your needs.

(i): Going digital has several advantages when it comes to marketing. A combination of traditional and digital advertising are great tools to reach different deomographics and widens your audience of potential buyers.


(Q): How active will you be with the house preparations? 

(A): A quick and responsive realtor will distinguish them apart from the rest. 

(i): Offering support and other unique services that tailor to your needs is mandatory! Services such as home staging, interior painting and aiding in repairs are just as few benefits to look out for when considering a realtor that will lead you to success.


(Q): Walk me through the inspection and disclosure process. 

(A): An experienced realtor will confidently guide you through both processes with ease.

(i): Encouraging you to ask all questions you may have about subjects that maybe unclear to you, indicates that your realtor is a sarong supporter. This will lead to the successful closing and will eliminate all doubt you may have when it comes to selling your home.


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