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Realtor Prep Check

Monday Sep 26th, 2022


Looking for a Realtor that best fits your needs?

Unsure where to start?


Luckily, Home Vision Real Estate Inc., Brokerage has what you need when considering which

Real Estate Agency best represents you!  


Looking for that special, one of a kind Real Estate Agency? One that will guide and represent you through the Buying, Selling and Investing process when looking for a new home? Consider Home Vision Real Estate Inc., Brokerage for your Real Estate solutions. We ensure that our clients are well informed and knowledgeable before any decision making takes place. Also, we continue to work in a partnership with our clients answering all questions and satisfying their needs.





Years of Experience

Discovering a Real Estate Agency and Brokerage that has earned it's stipes within the Real Estate Industry is important to all Buyers, Sellers and Inventors. Appointing that responsibility to any Agency, is a significant role and discovering an Advisor who has well over 10+ years actively working within the Real Estate Industry is a big upside.  

Raj Bhatti, (Broker) and Preeti Bhatti (Broker of Record), have well over 10+ years of experience within the Industry combined. Before starting their own Brokerage in 2019, Raj and Preeti have worked effortlessly, as Top Preforming Sales Advisors for well over a decade. They have both been awarded various accolades for their outstanding achievements and now, continue to carry on the same narrative within their own Brokerage. 




The digital era has been great in many ways, especially when it boils down Reviews, Testimonials and Referrals when searching for an Advisor that best suits you. These tools are important as they provide quick and easy information about all Agencies and Advisors, including previous experiences with past clients, current activities in the Real Estate Market, in addition, to any changes within their career history.

Those whom have worked with Home Vision Real Estate Inc., Brokerage in the past, continue to keep in contact with Raj and Preeti. From time to time, previous clients reappear with referrals based on their outstanding real estate experiences with Home Vision Real Estate Inc.




Identifying what services are offered by your chosen Real Estate Agency is a must know! 

With Home Vision Real Estate Inc., Brokerage, we offer not only Comprehensive and Strategic Planning when Buying, Selling and Investing in a Property, but we cater to all our client's unique and individual needs with: 

  • Complimentary Home Staging
  • Complimentary Home Cleaning
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Complimentary Home painting
  • Complimentary Repairs (minor) 
  • Managing Residential Properties 




Are you encouraged to speak your mind? Or do you feel timid and reluctant to ask questions to your appointed Advisor? You should always feel free to engage in open conversation with your Realtor no matter what the discussion. Feeling as though you are not heard or not being able to voice your questions/ opinions to your Sales Representative is a big red flag.

Home Vision Real Estate Inc., Brokerage pushes the narrative to open and direct conversation with our clients. We encourage and lead with transparency in order to build a solid foundation of trust. Working with our clients in a partnership is what we value most and uphold that quality with the utmost care.


We love what we do and we do it with passion.