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Healthy Buyer Habits

Monday Sep 12th, 2022



The beginning stages when considering buying your first property are always fun and exciting!

Some may even say it can be a bit nerve wracking but despite the emotion roller coaster, preparation and logic are necessary to put you in the right position before signing the dotted line.  



(Monthly) TRIAL RUN Before making this hefty purchase, consider a monthly budget trial run. Put in place the homeowner habit of living as an already existing homeowner. Ditch the $6 coffee and buying lunch everyday, learn to curb your variable spending on things that you can cut out and put that dollar amount into savings. Buyers shouldn't be making big purchases either, after the purchase of their home. Keep this habit in mind for a month as a trial run, to set realistic boundaries around your new homeowner's budget.


(Weekly) Home Savings Account - Now that you have curved your variable spending and have adopted new wealth habits, your new perspective about your budget should be crystal clear. This is the time to open up a new savings account specifically for Home Savings. There are many different types of accounts to choose from. In the event you are looking to purchase a home with a significant other, there are different types of accounts where money goes in and can only be withdrawn if both parties are present and are both in agreeance to withdraw from your Home Savings Account. 


(Weekly) Open House - Get things in motion by attending several open houses. This will reinforce educating yourself about the market and will encourage you to save even more now that you are physically acting upon your willingness for that big move!


(Yearly) Credit Report - Are you aware of your Credit Score? Do you know what it is? Or have you taken a glance at what it could be? If not, now's the time to understand your Credit History and Credit Score. Credit Karma is an excellent tool for this! This report will outline and identify things that you may not have been aware of that could be negatively hurting your score. It's always best to be in the know.


(Weekly) Realtors & Brokers - Sourcing out a creditable Realtor and Broker is a must have among all things needed when it comes to Healthy Buyer Habits. Remember Realtors and Brokers are experienced professionals who are licensed and understand the market. Not to mention they are great with negotiating. They have the ability to close deals and create counters that cater to both parties. It is strongly advised and deemed necessary to have a reliable Real Estate Team to support you throughout your home purchase.  


Home Vision Real Estate Inc., Brokerage will guide you through your home purchasing journey and take care of the fine print. With well over 10 years of real estate experience and being active within the real estate industry, we understand the importance to deliver with actionable results.