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Maintaining Your Yard - Fall Season Prep!

Tuesday Sep 06th, 2022


Fall Season is on it's way and now it's time for some fall added lawn care.

As the temperature drops, cooler weather affects the longevity in plant life. 


Fall Season Prep - Part 2  


Although there is no-one-size- fits-all remedy to lawn care, here you will find tips on covering the basics to ensure you a healthy and protected lawn throughout the cold fall and winter seasons to come.  Take time now to check off your fall tasks and take pride in a strong season finish with the following steps we have implemented. 


Covering the basics and a little rehashing from your pervious Blog.


01 Prune

Remove all dead and withered foliage that is passed it's time. All leaves, stems, flowers and plants that have withered away from the change in temperature and season, -it's time to prune those pieces and extract them from your flower beds and gardens.  


02 Weeds-Be-Gone

In addition to your lawn care tasks, do not skip out extracting your weeds. This is crucial to preparing your lawn for the Spring Season when grass seeding, flowers and plants being to rejuvenate once again in the following year to come. Be aggressive and hit your weeds hard this fall. In the event you are using herbicides for the extraction of your pesky weeds, be sure to do a spot test. 


03 Bare Spots

For thinned out and bald patches on your lawn, feed those areas with extra seeding and soil. Ensure you are adding a health does of water to those specific areas before the frost takes over in preparation to Winter. 


04  Hydrate

Continue watering as long as your lawn is growing, then let nature take over. If you over seed for winter color, continue on with your regular watering schedule.


05  Re-potting

For flowers that you'd like to enjoy all year round, now's your time to uproot and re-pot your flowers from your flower bed and garden. Take any preferred pot and transfer your desired flowers and plants to their new home. Keeping them indoors throughout the Fall and Winter Season will ensure their lifespan for a successful transition into the following year, when they can be uprooted once again and and transferred into their according flower bed or garden. 


Now, with these step-by-step how-to's, you are ready and able to hit your lawn full throttle and tackle on caring for your lawn and protecting it from the cooler weather to come. 


Below are some videos to better help and support your lawn care preparations.

Top 3 Lawn Care Tips for Fall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExzENjWPo74

Weed Care 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_s4fjbC6a4