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Prioritizing Your Wish List

Monday Aug 22nd, 2022



Wish Lists are an absolute must when deciding to move and change your current living situation and location. We would even say it is your initial step when deciding to move. Putting down, pen to paper is what we suggest when it comes to prioritizing your wants and needs in finding what really matters to you, your family and pets when looking for your next new home. 


4 Ways to Prioritizing your Wish List when looking for Your Next Home


01 Make a List of Values 

For family living, some examples could be looking for a home that is closer to schools, daycare facilities and even looking for neighborhoods that are booming with young families. For a young professionals life, think about amenities (recreation centers, art galleries, gyms and other sport facilities), think about the type of night life you are most interested in. Does your next home consist of a community where dog parks are abundant? Are you looking for a home that is close to conservation parks with paths for running and hiking? If you are looking for a change in scenery when it comes to your next home, keep in mind the current activities you actively participate in or would like to attain in the future. Additionally, commute and transportation is critical when thinking about change in location. how does a pedestrian lifestyle rank in your new potential neighborhood? 


02 Must Haves

Once you have completed your ever growing List of Values when looking for your next home, categorize your List of Values based on Importance.

Go down your list thoroughly by each individual Value listed and physically pen down beside each Value the following:

A- Must Have

B- Very Important

C- Important

D- Would Like to Have

E- Not Important


03 Factor In the Outcome

Now that you have done your homework in identifying What Values are most Important on Your Must Have's List, carefully and honestly decide what Factors will play a part based on the list you've created. Think of Both, Benefits and Disadvantages for Having and Not Having each Value Listed. Think about the outcome of not being close to a grocery store or big box supersmart, think about the benefits to living close to a daycare facility in the event you may need extra support for your family, or even think about your commute to work and if taking transportation is a wise decision rather than investing in a vehicle. Each Benefit and Disadvantage will create a clear idea of what is a realistic outcome to each of your values. 


04 Discuss

Lastly, after creating and putting pen to paper, discuss your list with family and friends. This will provide you with feedback and other point of views that you may have not considered. If you have a partner, go over the list together, discuss and communicate your wants regarding your next home together. This will narrow down and simplify your check list and will come to the conclusion of what is truly important to you both.