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Grooming Your Lawn

Monday Aug 29th, 2022


September begins a new season as we watch the leaves change in color and the tress begin to shed.

This is an indication that it's time for home owners to being the process of caring and prepping your lawns for the Fall Season.


How to care for your lawn, garden and flower beds as the Fall Season vastly approaches?


01 Prune

Prune over grown foliage and be sure to pay attention to dried and withered leaves, stems, buds and petals as they need to be removed and discarded from the plant or flower completely.


02 Bald Patches

Begin by placing soil on bald and dry patches on your lawn where grass has yet to grow. Water daily either by early morning and or evening right when the sun is about to set. TIP, if your lawn and garden are exposed to direct sunlight, this will protect your grass, flowers and plants from burning when wet. Direct sunlight will indeed fry your lawn after a good watering.

03  Fertilize

Fertilizer, best way to inject some good old nutrients back into your lawn that may have been lost in preparation for the coming winter. Also, scattering cracked egg shells and coffee grinds does the trick for an organic method!